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    Natural Wood Coasters | Set of 6

    ₹ 799
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    Host your guests in style with 
    natural wood coasters! 

    Add a touch of naural beauty & design to your gathering 
    with natural wood coasters.  

    This set is made up of 6 neatly finished suqare coasters 
    & a chair- shaped box to store them.  

    All of them are made of natural mango wood which is 
    light weight,  durable & gives a vintage vibe. All the coasters come with a metal pin attached making it easy to take them out.

    The chair-shaped box stores all the six coasters elegantly. It is beautifully designed with  handmade carving & fine detailing. 

    Host your guests in style with natural wood coasters!

    Material : Natural wood 
    Weight : 475 g
    Payment : Cash on Delivery & Prepaid 
    Shipping : Free 4-5 day all India shipping 
    Return / Refund : A 7 day refund is valid on all orders  

    Natural Wood Coasters | Set of 6